Quality development at the Folkwang University of the Arts

The Folkwang University of the Arts strives to establish dialogue-oriented quality-related work that, taking into account the specific institutional factors, enables it to achieve defined quality objectives, while also making decisions on university development with a view to reconciling all the varied interests of the university members.

Since autumn 2022, Folkwang University of the Arts has had a mission statement teaching that is reflected in the curricula of the Folkwang study courses.

The quality-related work at Folkwang was strategically devised as part of the ‘Excellently advised’ quality project, and has been further developed and successively implemented ever since. It encompasses process-oriented and evaluation-oriented methods and instruments that can each be applied in a needs-based and goals-based manner to support individual quality targets.

The Quality Development department is also responsible for coordinating and monitoring the accreditation and reaccreditation procedures for Folkwang University of the Arts degree programmes requiring accreditation.

There are also a number of accompanying methods and instruments that have given rise to a variety of goal-oriented measures.

Developing and implementing a custom-fit quality-management system for the specific features of the Folkwang University of the Arts was one of the main goals of phase 2 of the ‘Excellently advised’ quality-pact project during 2007-2020. The project involved establishing dialogue-oriented quality-related work that can also serve as a blueprint for developing quality work at art and music colleges across NRW and even nationally – whereby the work must always be geared around each college’s individuality in terms of its requirements and objectives.

Contact persons

Pascale Ruhrmann

Strategic Planning | Quality Development
_Deputy Central Equal Opportunity Representative


+49 (0) 201_4903-385

Vera Timmerberg

Strategic Planning | Director
_Institute for Pop Music | Chair of Institute Council