Illustration: Louisa Kron



The Folkwang University of the Arts is committed to actively providing an environment free from all forms of discrimination. Within the guarantees of the freedom of the arts, sciences and teaching in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany (GG), we ensure the protection of personal rights as stipulated by the law.

Anti-discrimination work in everyday university life means, among other things:

  • The establishment of a complaints office for the efficient processing of all types of complaints that fall under the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG)
  • The development of measures for preventing violations of the right to sexual self-determination
  • Advice and support for victims of sexual harrassment
  • The development of a concept for the use of gender-sensitive language in university communication

Preventive measures against discrimination and violations of sexual self-determination take place in full awareness of the specificity of art and music schools. All those affected should feel encouraged to proactively take action against any violation of their fundamental rights.