Academic Studies

Music Pedagogy – Bachelor of Music

An individual, interdisciplinary bachelor’s programme for people with diverse interests in music, performance and teaching.

The job profile for teaching at music schools and as freelance instructors has changed significantly over the last years and has become much more versatile. There is a high demand for different aspects of music teaching. Many people want to learn to play an instrument, sing or make music as part of a group. The requirements of these activities are expanding and constantly changing. Music teachers with a well-founded and versatile education who can adjust to the changing demands of musical practises are in high demand.

The bachelor’s programme in music pedagogy addresses enthusiastic, curious and mentally flexible students who want to broaden their knowledge and skills and pass them on professionally.
The programme allows for either an instrumental or a vocal major and begins with two common years of study. In the third and fourth years, students choose one of the offered core focuses whereby they can specialise and distinguish themselves individually.

They can either focus on their main instrument or voice  and improve their skills artistically and stylistically:
Artistic-stylistic improvement – artistic major (intensive)

Artistic-stylistic improvement – artistic major (intensive)

Or they can register for the study programme with a second major (core focus) and thereby acquire an additional teaching competence:

Artistic-stylistic improvement – with second major
Elementary music pedagogy

Music theory/ Composition pedagogy

Children’s choral conducting

Conducting large instrumental ensembles

Study options - currently in german only

Bei der Bewerbung sind folgende künstlerischen Hauptfächer wählbar:


_klassischer Gesang



_Klavier/Klavier Impr.
_Viola da Gamba


Während des Studiums kann für das 3. und 4. Studienjahr anstelle der künstlerisch-stilistischen Erweiterung bei der intensiven Auseinandersetzung mit dem künstlerischen Hauptfach (Instrument oder Gesang) auf Antrag einer der fünf Schwerpunkte gewählt werden, der auf eine weitere Qualifikation zielt:


_Künstlerisch-stilistische Erweiterung – mit zweitem Hauptfach

_Elementare Musikpädagogik

_Musiktheorie / Kompositionspädagogik


_Leitung großer Instrumentalensembles