Lecture catalogue

With the Folkwang Organizer, a continually updated lecture timetable is available at the
Folkwang University of the Arts. This enables the lectures taking place at the Folkwang
University of the Arts to be viewed on the internet.

The online lecture timetable is available here:


Teaching staff can have their lectures posted in the Folkwang Organizer and then manage them themselves (e. g. admitting participants, sending messages to the participants,
updating the contents). After logging in, it is also possible to print out the current study and BAföG certificate.

Students can use the Folkwang Organizer to register for lectures as well as compile (and
print out) a personal study schedule. In addition, the lecture dates can be exported
into an external calendar per ics file.


Responsibility for the content of the Folkwang Organizer (LSF) lies with the teachers at the Folkwang University of the Arts. The service receives editorial support from the Academic Centre. Technical implementation at the Folkwang University is taking place through the IT-Systems programme in collaboration with the combined computer centre versa-nrw in Detmold.


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