Folkwang Alumni

Without our “old” students, the Folkwang alumni, we would not be what we are today – namely the Folkwang University for music, theatre, dance, design and academic studies. The founding of “Folkwang Alumni” in 2004 meant the creation of a network that serves to facilitate communication and exchange between graduates old and new, between people with experience and people just starting out in the arts world, between people who are established and those who are still finding their way – and last but not least, to enable former classmates and colleagues to meet again. Four years after the founding of Folkwang Alumni more than 1800 former students have registered. On the following pages you can discover how to become a member, why we need your help, when the next meeting will take place and what else we have to offer.

Take Part!

As Folkwang Alumni you’ll gift your valuable experience and knowledge to our current Folkwang students. This is an invaluable contribution to the development of our university. In return, you’ll stay in contact with former and current students and staff members. This is important to us. You can register to our network, where you can also subscribe to our newsletter to always be up to date about the latest events at and around Folkwang.

As Folkwang Alumni you’ll have the opportunity to actively participate in selected university projects. You’ll share your experience and knowledge with Folkwang students. Through your feedback you’ll support the development of the university.

Support for your start into a career

After their studies alumni enjoy the support of our career service, as they start into their jobs. We also provide a list with current funding opportunities for alumni that work freelance or plan artistic projects.

  • page of the career ervice
  • page with funding opportunities

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