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Protection against Sexual Harassment and Violations of a Person’s Right to Sexual Self-Determination

Assistance and support for victims of sexual harassment are an essential part of the complaint office's mandate. All members or visitors of the university who think they may have been sexually harassed are encouraged to seek advice through an initial consultation session at the Complaints Office. The purpose of the initial consultation is to provide a protected space and sufficient information so that those affected by sexual harassment can gain clarity on what specifically they want to achieve and what legal options are available to them. The advice is anonymous, confidential and free of charge. Note that the seeking of advice does not in itself imply an obligation or commitment to pursue further measures of any sort.

Contact: beschwerdestelle(at)

All those who feel they have been affected by discrimination have a right to an initial consultation by the legal member of the Complaints Office if they prefer this to a consultation by the Central Complaints Officer. The consultation with the legal ombudsperson will take place outside the university premises.

Contact: 0201 862 12 62 or ombudsstelle(at)

If desired, the Central Equal Opportunities representative or her deputy will establish contact with the legal ombudsperson and/or accompany affected persons there.


The university has also issued a directive that regulates the handling of sexual harassment cases:

“Richtlinie zum Schutz vor Benachteiligungen im Sinne des AGG und Verstößen gegen die sexuelle Selbstbestimmung und andere persönlichen Rechte" (German)

The directive serves to substantiate the implementation of the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG) and to extend its scope to include people who are not employees within the strict definition of the AGG. It applies to all members and visitors to the university.

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