The Integration Team of Folkwang University of the Arts

Folkwang University of the Arts is required by law (Social Security Statute Book IX) to take preventive measures for maintaining the health and ability to work of its personnel, and to provide an operational re-integration management for employees returning to work after an extended illness.

Preventative measures are to encompass all efforts that will help prevent accidents at work, work-related illnesses and work-related health hazards. They are to become an integral part of operational workflows with regards to all employees, with or without disabilities.

The university is required to search for any options to overcome invalidity and to prevent renewed invalidity. At Folkwang University of the Arts, an Integration Team was founded for that specific purpose, and has created a service agreement to that end.

A variety of solutions may be feasible for specific problems, e.g.:

  • Moderation and supervision in areas prone to conflict, with the support and acceptance of the persons involved
  • Further education for employees and management staff
  • Rearrangement of the workplace in accordance with ergonomic criteria, using technical aids
  • Reassignment of individual workplaces, where possible
  • Modifications to individual work schedules or workflows