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Press relations

As the university’s communications service, we’re constantly working to make the artistic and academic diversity on offer at Folkwang University of the Arts visible to a broad audience. Among the key elements here are our professional press releases on Folkwang news, selected events, and issues relating to culture and university life. This is based on a strategic approach to setting topics, drafted up semesterly in close consultation with the President’s Office. Our emailing list keeps us in regular contact with print, online and social-media journalists from the daily and specialist media, as well as national editorial offices and agencies. 

Got a topic you think might be of public interest?
Feel free to email us: presse(at)

Press review

Some 2,000 articles relating to Folkwang University of the Arts appear every year in national and local print and online media, on the radio, on television and in digital media. We assess the latest reports on Folkwang, along with other relevant topics concerning university policy, culture and the local region, as part of a digital press review, which we send out weekly to an internal recipient list.

Got questions about our press review? Feel free to contact:

Arranging interviews

The university’s communications service is the first port of call for any kind of media enquiries. We co-ordinate and oversee expert interviews, press conferences, and attendance of rehearsals, performances and exhibitions involving our lecturers and students – all of which are published in a wide variety of formats, from online reviews to print, audio and TV segments, to podcasts.

Contact: presse(at)

Press archive

The university’s communications service oversees and manages the central press archive at Folkwang University of the Arts, which houses a full range of articles, videos, audio segments, interviews and other media formats.

Need information or have questions about the press archive?
Contact: presse(at)


Folkwang online events calendar

The university’s communications service is responsible for publicising the approximately 400 events run by Folkwang each year. An initial phase sees the individual events planned and scheduled semesterly by the artistic operations office, and it is based on this that we then prepare the final dates for publication in the various communications formats, including the Folkwang online events calendar, external portals, and notices for local editorial offices.

Folkwang online events calendar

Our online events calendar, available at, lists the dates of all public Folkwang events for the current semester.
If you have created a poster and/or programme for your event, we will also be glad to publish this/these in the events calendar. Simply email the files to us at: veranstaltungen(at)

In addition to the Folkwang online events calendar, the university’s communications service also provides a printable PDF file containing upcoming dates for the month. It can be found in the sidebar of the online calendar:

External cultural and city portals

To ensure the diversity of Folkwang’s events reaches a broad audience, the university’s communications service publishes them in various cultural and city portals, where they can be seen by culture enthusiasts both locally and nationally.

Contact: veranstaltungen(at)


The university’s communications service regularly sends information about all Folkwang events to the events editors of the daily and specialist press. Depending on the channel, we provide monthly, quarterly or daily notices on upcoming Folkwang events.

Contact: veranstaltungen(at)

Templates (posters, programmes)

Templates for Folkwang posters and programmes are available in the media downloads centre and the Intranet. If you have any questions about the poster templates, please contact the PR office: corporate(at)

The event communications service will be glad to assist you further with programme templates: veranstaltungen(at)


Flyers, posters, publications

The great variety on offer at Folkwang University of the Arts is reflected in the over 400 events we hold each year. Our communications service creates promotional materials, such as flyers or posters, for selected events, based on our strategic approach to topic-setting, which we draft up semesterly in close consultation with the President’s Office. We contact you well in advance, recommending measures suitable for your specific case; our design service takes care of the creative side of things. Our team also attends to the printing and distribution/forwarding of materials to all Folkwang campuses.

Want to advertise your Folkwang event using your own print media, or create print material for your course, subject or project? Then please be mindful of Folkwang’s corporate design.
We’ll be glad to help you choose the suitable medium, recommend designers, provide printing tips, and offer corporate-design advice. Your contact: corporate(at)

Please factor in enough time to prepare and produce your print materials (content design, layout, editing, printing, distribution) to ensure there is adequate time for the finished media to promote the event effectively. We recommend starting the specific poster design approx. six weeks prior to the event, possibly earlier for flyers. We’ll be glad to advise!

Folkwang logo & corporate

The university’s communications service is constantly working to further develop and maintain a uniform look for Folkwang University of the Arts. We’re the ones to contact if you have any questions about corporate design.

Folkwanglers will find the Folkwang logo, information on its usage, and manuals on using the corporate design as part of everyday work at Folkwang in the central media downloads area. If you have any queries or wish to discuss things further, please contact: corporate(at)

The Folkwang font and information on its use is available from the IT service: it-systeme(at)

Media downloads

The university’s communications service oversees the central Folkwang media downloads centre, where media representatives will find a wide range of material, such as informative photos or advertising copy, and co-operation partners will also find the Folkwang logo.

Folkwanglers can additionally download various corporate-design materials, including templates, manuals and guidelines for different formats and occasions
> Visit the Folkwang Media Downloads Centre

Design service

Our in-house graphic-design service creates customised posters and flyers advertising selected Folkwang events. It also takes care of all central print and online materials, such as the event postcard at the start of the semester, the Folkwang promotional brochure, website headers, and the typesetting for business cards. The order forms are available here.

(Find it in the intranet: Alle Dokumente > Dezernate & Arbeitsbereiche > Einkauf)

A selection of previous event posters can be found here.


Ads & advertorials

The university’s communications service uses ads and advertorials to strengthen the brand presence of Folkwang University of the Arts in selected public and specialist media. We also assist the various faculties with editorial tips and recommendations for ad design. Feel free to contact us: marketing(at) 

Listings in public directories

Listings in search engines, on online platforms, in printed publications, and in portals relating to tertiary study, training and continued education increase Folkwang University’s public reach. Its communications service researches the relevant media for this, writes and publishes advertising copy, and takes care of suitable image material and updates.

Contact: marketing(at)


Photo and film permits

Want to take photos or film videos on the grounds and in the buildings of Folkwang University of the Arts? Then you will need approval from the university’s executive board. For journalism-related or editorial matters, please contact the communications service by using the Request for photo and film approval form. Complete the form and email it back to: presse(at)

Please submit your request sufficiently in advance. Thank you!

The Terms of Use of the Folkwang University of the Arts for the performing of photo and filming work for editorial purposes apply.

In the case of photos or videos for non-editorial purposes, please address your request to Folkwang AGENTUR GmbH. These require a separate usage-rights declaration, and, in some cases, even a separate payment. Please contact the manager Dimokratis Palatianos, tel. 0201 18503-400, palatianos(at)

Photo shoots

Punchy, expressive images are essential when it comes to cultivating a distinct look for Folkwang University of the Arts. The university’s communications service works with two photography students to organise and co-ordinate photo shoots, e.g. of rehearsals, classes, events and the campus or unique happenings at the university. The photos are used on the Folkwang website and our central social-media channels, as well as in print publications or for press releases. Got ideas for photo shoots or photo subjects? We’d love to hear your suggestions: ermann(at)
We will also gladly take care of photos for the personal profiles of non-academic employees.
Contact: ermann(at)

Image archive

The university’s communications service runs a central Folkwang image archive, where we store special photo shoots and historic image material.
Contact: ermann(at)

General Folkwang image material for use in relation to the university can be found in the

media downloads centre. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, or have a special request, feel free to contact us: ermann(at)


Central website editorial office

The Folkwang website is the digital home of Folkwang’s specialist fields of music, theatre, dance, design and academic studies. It also features the latest news and information on academic topics – from specific course content to exciting projects.
The central online editorial office of the university’s communications service co-ordinates and oversees all website updates, including the structuring and layout of new topic areas, improving the user experience, SEO and cross-media optimisation.
Contact: webredaktion(at)

Local web editing

The Folkwang editorial office’s tasks also include supervising and supporting all local website editors, who are responsible for specific sections of the Folkwang website. Want to become a local web editor yourself? Then feel free to contact: webredaktion(at)

Latest news releases

The editorial team of the university’s communications service regularly writes latest news releases about Folkwang events, projects, co-operations and initiatives. These can be found in chronological order here.

Got a topic you think might be of public interest?
Feel free to email us: webredaktion(at)

Personal profiles

The lecturers and staff at Folkwang University of the Arts are a permanent fixture on the university’s website. The university’s communications service manages the central staff directory, and also takes care of new listings, based on information provided by the HR department.
Professors and full-time employees can add to and update their profile on the Folkwang website. Details on how to do this, as well as further tips and information, are available in a manual (Link > All Documents> Departments& Fields of Activity > University Communications).

The university’s communications service updates the personal profiles once a semester.

Contact: personenprofil(at)

Prizes & awards

The university’s communications service will be glad to feature university members who have received an award or achieved particular success on the Folkwang website.

Contact us: auszeichnungen(at) 


Folkwang Accounts

With its far-reaching social-media channels, Folkwang University of the Arts is able to broadcast itself to nearly 17,000 follows. The central online editorial office of the university’s communications service strategically prepares content and topics for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, delivering it across all types of media. Our main YouTube channel also provides fascinating insights into Folkwang’s various fields of study with videos from all faculties and subject areas.
We’d love you to join the Folkwang community too!

Instagram: @folkwang_uni  #folkwanguniversitätderkünste  #folkwangist

Already part of Folkwang University of the Arts and want to publish your Folkwang-related topics on our social-media channels? Practical tips and information on this can be found in our Social-Media Guidelines. If you have any questions, feel free to contact webredaktion(at) 


Communications concept

The university’s communications service is a unit of the President’s Office, and thus closely geared around the strategic focus of Folkwang University of the Arts.
We develop the university’s multimedia communications concept, which incorporates the various press relations, PR and marketing measures, event communications, and Folkwang online communications. 

Annual plan and topic-setting

In close consultation with the university’s executive board and the Dean’s Office, the university’s communications service creates an annual plan establishing the set topics and the focuses of Folkwang’s public events on a semesterly basis.
All communications measures taken by the service stem from this strategic basis, including special projects such as the ‘folkwang is…’ campaign or the Folkwang wall calendar.


Registration & Content

We can deliver the latest news from our university, as well as notices about Folkwang events, straight to your inbox through our Folkwang newsletter, where the focus is always on ensuring a balanced overview of topics from all fields of study.
The central online editorial office is responsible for the design and content of the Folkwang newsletter. It also manages subscribers.

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