Matters relating to Examinations

On this page, you will find information on the subject of examinations.

The examination framework conditions are regulated in the General Examination Regulations and the relevant subject-related examination regulations. It is important that you be familiar with these regulations. All examination regulations are available for viewing under the heading: Statutes.

Various actors are involved in the subject area of matters relating to examinations at Folkwang.

  • The Examinations Offices of the Faculties are responsible for:
  • Grading
  • Issuing grade attestations (transcript of records) and degree documents
  • Registering for (and deregistering from) examinations
  • Receiving of applications for recognition of examination performances as well as applications for admission to the final project
  • Pre-certification of examination certificates for the issue of an apostille by the district government of Düsseldorf (in German only)

Further information and contact data are available on the subpages of the Examinations Office in question:

Examinations Office Faculties 1 & 2
Examinations Office Faculty 3
Examinations Office Faculty 4

Examinations Office Institutes

Either the Faculty responsible for the relevant study course or the responsible Central Institute sets up an examinations committee for the organisation and conduct of module (partial) examinations. It also decides on the crediting of study periods and the recognition of examination performances and is responsible for deciding on objections to the decisions made in the examination process.

The examinations committees form a joint administration department of the examinations committees.