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„Folkwang is the union
of all the arts and all artistic education“

(Karl Ernst Osthaus)

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Folkwang University of the Arts,
a public institution
represented by its president
Klemensborn 39
45239 Essen

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Maiken-Ilke Groß, Communications & Media, Folkwang University (responsible according to the press law)

Project and editing assistance:
Wiebke Büsch, Michael Zechlin, Communications & Media


Screenworks Köln GmbH, Peter Hirdes,

Prof. Bernhard Eichner & Christian Samosny, Folkwang University

Cover design and booklet:

Schlegels Buero,

Matthias Laschke (Design), Anne Hagemann & Thomas Stenzel (Music), Charles Morillon & Maelle Giovanetti (Theatre), Tania Marcela Giron Casadiego (Dance), Dr. Jana Zwetschke (Academic Study)

Photo of Pina Bausch © Atsushi Iijima

Sincere thanks to all students, teachers, staff members and alumni for their active support for the project.

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