Model building - Ateliers, laboratories and workshops

Industrial design is an artistic way of making designs whose goal is to adapt objects produced by industry to the physical and psychological needs of people. The course of studies is, therefore, focused on the interrelation be-tween theory and praxis. Thus, the theoretical work our students study has to be reflected constantly in the practical work our students do.
During the course of their studies, our students have to make models that are based on the corresponding designs they have created. This requires the very precise and complex production of shapes for the proto, functional and presentation models.

For their work, the following ateliers, laboratories and workshops are avail-able for the students to use.

  • Model building atelier;
  • Model building workshops for working with wood, plastics, metal, plaster of Paris and clay as well as for doing grinding work;
  • Laboratory for treating plastics and surface areas

They serve our aims of research and teaching by:

  • testing and bringing to realisation artistic, design-related conceptions and plans;
  • enabling our students to do research projects, final projects as well as interdisciplinary projects;
  • offering an environment in which to conduct scientific experiments and do developmental work.

There is a high level of expectation in regard to the quality of the model work to be carried out, since such work forms an essential part of the curriculum and, in particular, it is what distinguishes our Essen campus.

Our various machines and devices correspond to the latest state of technol-ogy and are equipped with up-to-date safety features. The prerequisite for using the workshops is having the necessary job-related training  (e.g. an apprenticeship or a training programme with a course in industrial wood-working).

Workshop supervisor for the areas of
Metal and plastics - CNC machines for making models


Workshop supervisor for the area of
Woodworking, plastics and surface areas