Academic Studies

Doctoral study in Theory and History of Photography

The academic research into the theory and history of photography enjoys a tradition dating back many decades. From a disciplinary perspective, it is anchored with a very individual characteristic form in a large number of academic subjects in each case. These include Art History, Media Studies, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Literary Studies, Linguistics, Science of History, Sociology and Ethnology.

At the Folkwang University of the Arts, it is possible – building on an academic degree in a humanities or social science discipline (magister artium, Master of Arts, diploma) – to write an academic doctoral thesis, for the purpose of acquiring a Dr. phil. specialising in the theory and history of photography.

This work can include the entire spectrum of both theoretically and historically oriented issues on photography and the problem areas affecting it.

Questions relating to content and organisation will be answered by the Professor at the Design Faculty responsible for the Theory and History of Photography academic specialisation, Prof. Dr. Steffen Siegel.