Illustration: Louisa Kron


Gender and Diversity

In 2017, the Folkwang University of the Arts received a grant from a state program to support gender-equality at universities for establishing a chair for Gender and Diversity Studies in Faculty 4. The chair aims to establish gender and diversity topics as an integral part of research and teaching at the university. Its holder is also the Representative for Gender and Diversity in the President’s Office. He is in close contact with the Equal Opportunity Office and the Central Equal Opportunity Representative.


The courses the Professor of Gender and Diversity Studies offers open up transdisciplinary perspectives on the topics identity and difference. They offer a space for discussions about social inequalities, power relations, and the politics of representation. When dealing with theories of social difference, post-structuralist, phenomenological and affect-theoretical approaches, among others, are taken into account, in order to provide a multi-dimensional view of identity as reflected through language, performativity, body and emotion. The seminars ask how categories of difference relate to cultural production. For this reason, they are relevant for the work of emerging artists.

The interdisciplinary lecture series "Differenz_gestalten" ("shaping difference") revolves around similar topics. Hosted by the Professor for Gender and Diversity Studies, who invites academics from a broad range of disciplines to present and discuss current projects, it takes place at Quartier Nord on a regular basis.

Lecture series Differenz_gestalten