Academic Studies

Musicology – Bachelor and Master

Since the 2004/2005 winter semester, the Folkwang University of the Arts has included in its course offerings the “Musicology in Combination with an Artistic Discipline” study course – the only one of its kind in Germany. The artistic discipline to be selected includes Choir and Ensemble Conducting, Instrumental Training, Vocal Training and Music Theory. The artistic discipline course includes individual tuition in the main subject (e.g.: Piano, Vocal Studies).

In addition to this study model, the Musicology Bachelor can also be combined with a second academic subject at the University of Duisburg-Essen or at the Ruhr University Bochum.

A particularly outstanding feature of this combination model is the high quality of the technical training provided: students with a second academic discipline receive the same tuition in Music Theory and Harmony as the students in the artistic subjects. This ensures a high musical-technical standard.

The Musicology Master can be taken as a single-subject or two-subject Master (with an artistic second subject) in the "Historical Musicology", "Musicology and Cultural Studies" and "Concert and Musical Theatre Dramaturgy" fields of study. This degree of specialisation guarantees a training that is optimally geared to subsequent professional life.

A doctoral study in Musicology can follow the Master level. Another alternative on completing the degree – assuming the relevant aptitude test is passed – is a further artistic or artistic-pedagogical study course, which (on the basis of possible recognitions) can be completed in a shortened time.

The combining of Musicology with an artistic subject ensures a practical training, since it provides insights into artistic production processes. This means that the study course is particularly suited to qualify students for practical careers open to a musicologist, which in the past, however, were often taken up by graduates of different study courses – due to the fact that they were "more in tune with the music". 

The professional fields possible are:

  • academic careers in universities and conservatoria
  • editors for radio, television, press and the music recording industry
  • proof-readers in relevant publishing sectors
  • lecturers in institutions and enterprises in the world of culture and music
  • dramaturgists (including production dramaturg) at opera houses and for concert promoters
  • freelance music writers
  • Museum curator

The training makes use of practically orientated internships or internal Folkwang interdisciplinary projects (LABs), which are also conducted in cooperation with cultural bodies in the Ruhr to meet the changing demands of the labour market.