Musical – Bachelor of Arts

The musical program was established in 1989 with the goal of giving students a wide range of skills through an interdisciplinary education in acting, dance and voice instruction. Every year, 6 students are accepted into this intensive course of studies. Over the 4-year program, students actively challenge their own limits in order to acquire the artistic and technical skills that will enable them to launch and maintain successful stage careers in a highly competitive market.

The faculty is comprised of internationally renowned experts and active artists, a combination that ensures the high quality and diversity of training. Through a broad education  - from classic musical repertory all the way to the contemporary musical theater literature by way of chanson, revue, cabaret and operetta - students discover and refine their individual talents. Their development is showcased in various public performances and projects throughout their studies.

In addition to the several on-and-off campus performance opportunities each semester, the graduating class is featured in a sizeable final project, which is staged every year.  Usually, this is a co-production between the university and an outside artistic organization/theater. This cooperation provides the students with invaluable professional experience and is often a stepping-stone to further engagements in all theatrical areas including major musical productions.