Popular Music (M. Mus.)

Aim of the study course

The course focuses on the creation of pop music as an independent art form. In the process, the study course particularly emphasises the artistic practical work, being aimed thereby at artists who already have a degree or are professionally active in the free art scene. This Master's course thus focuses on the training of artistic personalities, who are keen on expanding their existing artistic practical experience while at the same time becoming more deeply involved in the key aspects of Popular Music and combining all this with an individual course of study.

Profile of the study course

The aim of the study course is the successful realisation of artistic development concepts as part of various artistic projects. The students should thereby combine musical-artistic work with organisational, technical and economical aspects. The spectrum of individual artistic abilities and practical resources is extended by a freely selectable study course on different design media and techniques (project components). This will open students to new perspectives and enhance their own artistic profile. In this process, students will establish a functioning artistic network with fellow students as well as internal and external university institutions.

Study Plan

The Master study course is a project-based course of study. The core focus of the programme comprises artistic projects, which emerge from two specialist musical-artistic activities, namely that of an "Artistic Composer/Producer" and that of a "Performing Artist". Extremely different and individual training paths result in this process, which are intended to take place at a level cutting across the main themes. The practical performing and the production of works are thus integrative components of the study course and their weighting depends on the individual decision of the students and the special use made of the artistic and technical resources.

The organisational form of the projects consists of project modules, namely the "Project supervision" and diverse "Project components" modules. "Project supervision" is the individual instruction supervision anchored in the curriculum. The "Project components" comprise different technical artistic disciplines geared to Popular Music, which are ultimately merged (in varying combinations) into one project. The students are intended to freely combine their chosen "Project components" from a pool of courses on offer for their own individual field of study.