Foto: Mats Süthoff

Physical Theatre – Artist Diploma

This course, founded in 1965 by Bettina Falckenberg and Günter Titt at Folkwang University of the Arts, is the only one of its kind in Germany for physical theatre performers.

Born from the tradition of the mime theatre, and shaped by the personalities of Jean Soubeyran, Jacques Lecoq, Pierre Byland, Günter Titt and Peter Siefert, this course of study has developed from pantomime, to comedic movement theatre, and finally culminating in what is now the physical theatre.

The course caters to young ‘theatre makers’, who tutored into developing the skills for creating their own original pieces: they learn how to recognise topics, capture their concept, develop them with a unique take, and to finally perform them at a high level.

The key ingredient for expression is and always will be the many physical means to tell a story with or about the body, its movement and mime. The basis for success is a holistic approach towards training the body, voice/speech and gestures. A curricular interlinking with the study courses drama and directing, and with projects in the realm of dance and music enhance and broaden the scope of learning and teaching.

The objective is the development of a creative, responsible and confident artist, who will be able to find his or her own path in theatre world by implementing own projects, or within established theatre organisations.