College for Music and Art Montepulciano

The College for Music and Art Montepulciano is an academic institution comprising art and music universities of the federal state of NRW. It was founded in 2010/2011 by the Detmold Academy of Music, the Robert-Schumann Music Academy Dusseldorf, Folkwang University of the Arts in the Ruhr Metropolis, the Academy for Music and Dance in Cologne, The Art University for Media in Cologne, and the Art Academy Munster.

The organisation offers particularly highly qualified students and lecturers of the associated institutions an intensive working visit over several days at the Palazzo Ricci in Montepulciano (Toscana). Within the scope of various projects, these individuals will be able to work in an interdisciplinary artistic and academic environment to allow them to discover new ways of understanding art and music. The College furthermore provides an extension of the study schedules of the associated institutions, as these working visits in Italy can be recognised as part of their course work.

The organisation has the additional objective of intensifying the partnerships between the individual music and art universities and academies. Furthermore, it is designed to foster international cooperation in the area of artistic learning and encourage the mobility of students.

Projects & Study Trip Options

The College for Music and Art Montepulciano undertake a so-called 'Year Project' annually. The project is developed by a work group appointed by the presidents of the associated universities and academies, and must be related to Montepulciano in some way. In The Year Project generally concluded during a two-week work period in Montepulciano.

In perannial rotation Montepulciano will also host large-scale projects with a focus on music and art involving all of the associated universities and academies. The project's main focus will be on the interdisciplinary visualisation of the work of art and music institutes of higher learning.

In addition, the Palazzo Ricci in Montepulciano is made available for use by each of the faculties of the associated universities and academies: Teaching staff can use the facilities and services of the academy with their groups (classes, ensembles, or interdisciplinary project team).

Weitere Projekte 2021

In den interdisziplinären SummerLabs werden Kurse in unterschiedlichen künstlerischen Disziplinen angeboten. Die einzelnen Formate finden an zwei Terminen im Juli und August statt.
Anmeldungen für die Labs sind per Mail an summerlab2021(at) bis zum 20. April 2021 möglich.

Studierende, die ein eigenes künstlerisches Projekt weiterentwickeln wollen, finden im „Students in residence“ Programm ein interessantes Format. Es wird angeboten in den Zeiträumen vom 18. bis 25. Juli und/oder vom 25. Juli bis 1. August.
Anmeldungen sind bis zum 20. April möglich per Mail an residence(at)

Speziell für Studierende der Kammer- und Instrumentalmusik ist dieses Jahr zudem die Kammermusikwoche „Herbstklänge“ vom 26. September bis 3. Oktober geplant. Bewerben können sich sowohl einzelne Musiker*innen der beteiligten Hochschulen als auch Ensembles. Das Format wird geleitet von Ariadne Daskalakis (Violine), Xenia Jankovic (Violoncello), Harald Schoneweg (Viola) und Anthony Spiri (Klavier).
Weitere Infos hierzu gibt es über info(at)
(Rückmeldungen möglichst bis 30. Mai 2021)

_Weitere Informationen zu allen Projekten | PDF


Jahresprojekt 2015: „Kunst | Maschine | Kunst“

Zeitraum: 13. - 25.09.2015

Jahresprojekt 2013: „Entfernung der Zeit“

2013 stand das Jahresprojekt unter dem Titel „Entfernung der Zeit“. Vom 15.9. bis 27.09.2013 wurde es von den beteiligten Studierenden gemeinsam künstlerisch erarbeitet.

Dokumentation des Projekts 2013

Year Project 2012: 'Myth, Modernity, Tomorrow'

The selected topic for the Year Project 2012 will be 'Myth, Modernity, Tomorrow'. The Time frame for the project was 16th to 28th of September 2012.

More information

Project of the Year 2011: 'Improvisation'

The College for Music and Art Montepulciano undertakes one Year Project annually. The project is developed by a work group appointed by the presidents of the associated universities and academies, and must be related to Montepulciano in some way.

The project of the year 2011 focused on the topic 'Improvisation'. Each of the associated institutions sent students to Montepulciano between 25 September and 2 October of this year, where they worked on that topic as a project group.

The Project of the Year 2011 ist documented in detail:

'Improvisation' - Documentation