Racism-critical consulting

For Bi_PoC students, teachers and employees at Folkwang

Want to report specific racist incidents or talk about stress caused by racial discrimination? Then you are welcome to contact consultant Pamela Aryeh. The consultation is an opportunity to discuss, among other things, racism – and other discriminatory experiences – at Folkwang, and critically reflect on the structure and importance of one’s own role as a Bi_PoC in a university context. The framework can also be used to discuss individual action strategies, empowerment or other matters relating to racism at the university.

The consultation is free of charge and tailored to your specific needs. The racism-critical consultant operates independently and externally from the university. All information you share is fully protected under confidentiality and privacy laws.

Pamela Aryeh is a qualified social education worker and specialized on African studies (B.A.), systemic-humanist consultant (DGSW), educational consultant focused on critiquing power and racism and supporting empowerment. Her work and areas of specialty have been shaped by many years of work in psychosocial counselling for people with refugee experiences. Other areas of activity includes curating at the Africa Film Festival in Cologne, where she also helps coordinate the implementation of school workshops. As a freelancer, she offers consulting and coaching services to multiply marginalised people who want to specialize especially in the arts and similar disciplines. Furthermore, she offers trainings and workshops for institutions and associations seeking to tackle problems relating to power structures and racism.

Simply contact her by email if you have an enquiry or wish to arrange an appointment. She will get back to you promptly.