First steps

Welcome to the library, the central place of learning at Folkwang. It offers its users - be they Folkwang members, alumni or guests - support for ther studies, research projects, teaching effords and general learning endeavours.  The library team is happy to answer your questions and help you find music, literature and information of all kind.

Opening and service hours

During opening hours, the local collection and facilities are available to all visitors. Opening hours vary at different locations and are different during term time (lecture period/Vorlesungszeit) and in between terms. Some library services are only available during service hours. Please check →Visiting the library for further details. You will find current opening and service hours on the →Library Homepage.

Visiting and using the libary

Your are welcome to come visit the library during →Opening hours, no registration needed. The library at the Folkwang Theatre Centre in Bochum is only open to Folkwang member. Please note the following information.

Bags & personal items

Please store your bags in one of the lockers near the entance for the duration of your visit. You may  take your instrument cases into the library.


Larger items and instrument cases may also be stored at the issue desk, please speak to a member of staff. 

Keep calm (Shhh...)

Please be mindful of other visitors, particularly those who are sitting in the reading room, and do not run in the library. We ask to to keep conversations low and to a minimum.


Headphones can be borrowed at the issue desk.


We ask you to take phone calls outside the library and switch it to silent mode whilst you are in the library.

Food and drink

You are allowed to take water bottles into the library but we ask you to enjoy meals and other beverages outside the building. 

Photos and film

To photograph or film inside the library building you have to adhere to the rules set by the EU data protection regulations and need permission by the Folkwang University of the Arts. Please complete the permission form in Documents (on the right) and send it to presse(at)

Information about the building

You can find information about the new library building on Essen-Werden campus (opened 2012) under  →The library building.

Guided tours

We offer regular tours of the library on Essen-Werden campus. Please see →Tours and tutorials

for more information.

Reading room

The work stations in the reading room are open to all visitors. However, if it is very busy during exam time, we may remove your personal items to make room for others, if you leave your place for more than 30 minutes. See A-Z: Pausenuhr for more information. You can pick up your things at the issue desk.

Infrastructure / facilities

Depending on the library branch, we offer access to a different set of facilities like printers, scanners, computer work stations, copy machines, phone chargers, head phones or record players. Please see →Visiting the library  and →A-Z for more information.


There are computer work stations with internet access available on Essen-Werden campus. For more information, see →A-Z: Computerarbeitsplätze.


We provide WiFi access to the internet via →eduroam on all campuses.

Library card

In order to borrow items from the libary, you need a library card (→Bibliotheksausweis). Folkwang members can register their Folkwang card as a library card during service hours in the library on Essen-Werden campus. Non-members can register with the library for a registration fee of EUR 10.00. Please register at the service desk during service hours (see A-Z: Anmeldung and A-Z: Bibliotheksausweis).

Borrow items

For the lending services the library has set a few rules and conditions (→Ausleihkonditionen and →Leihfristen). Only registered users can borrow items from the library (see →Bibliotheksausweis). There are self-check-out-machines in every library branch.

Request items

If you are a registered library user, you can put a hold ("reserve", see →vormerken) on items that have been checked out by someone else or request books from other libraries using the inter library loan service (→Fernleihe).


Some items (e.g. large format, rare books or older journal issues) are held in reserve ("archive" or Magazin) and may be requested using the catalogue (→Magazinbestellung).


If you are missing important items that should be added to the collection, you can place an acquisition request (→Anschaffungsvorschläge).

Lending period

There are certain rules and conditions in place for our lending services (→Ausleihkonditionen and →Leihfristen). Please note that there are fees for overdue items (→Gebühren).


All fees are set by the →Gebührenordnung der Bibliothek der Folkwang Universität der Künste.

Terms and conditions

All terms and conditions to visit and use the library are set in the Benutzungsordnung. Please note that all visitors accept these conditions by entering the building.


Benutzungsordnung (PDF)