Pina Bausch Theatre ‘Alte Aula’ renamed

Folkwang University of the Arts renamed the ‘Alte Aula’ at a formal event with guests from the areas of culture, politics and science. On October 12, 2009 the building officially became the ‘Pina Bausch Theater’. The event featured some dance pieces from Pina Bausch productions, performed by Malou Airaudo, Lutz Foerster and Dominique Mercy, three Folkwang lecturers, who have been members of the Dance Theater Wuppertal for many years. Students and alumni presented works produced by the Young Choreographers of recent years.

Mechthild Grossmann (member of the Wuppertal Ensemble since 1975) was guest speaker, and photographer and Folkwang alumnus Walter Vogel presented his series of photographs entitled PINA in memory of the great dancer and choreographer.

Alongside the official renaming of the building, a brochure with texts and photographs by Walter Vogel was published to remind of Pina Bausch’s life and times at Folkwang.

Your own personal copy of the brochure is here:

booklet pinabauschth01
booklet pinabauschth02
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