Photography at Folkwang University of the Arts

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Photography at the Folkwang University of the Arts is represented by more than 180 students in our programs Photography (Bachelor of Arts), Photography Studies and Practice (Master of Arts) and Photography Studies and Research (Master of Arts) as well as fourteen doctoral students in the theory and history of photography, the six teaching subjects Basics of Photography, Documentary Photography, Photography and Concept, Photography and Time-Based Media, Photography and Art, and Theory and History of Photography, a team of six professors, seven artistic, scholarly and technical assistants, and two secretaries, regular exhibitions and symposia, as well as numerous publications – both in print and online, close proximity to all other departments at Folkwang University’s Department of Design and – under the roof the Center for Photography Essen – to the Folkwang Museum, the Krupp Historical Archive, and the Ruhr Museum.


Photography − Bachelor of Arts

Photography Studies and Practice − Master of Arts

Photography Studies and Research − Master of Arts

Theory and History of Photography − Ph.D.