The Folkwang’s theatre world in overview

The particularly multi-faceted area of Theatre plays an important role in the interplay of the arts at the Folkwang. Germany’s only nationally accredited course in Physical Theatre (formerly mime) is to be found here, along with courses of study in Music Theatre | Voice, Musical Theatre as well as the Directing and the Acting course, which are based at the Folkwang Theatre Centre at Bochum location.

At the Folkwang University of the Arts the stage actor receives comprehensive voice, speech, body and play training in order to become a creative, responsible und self-confident artist who can find his or her own way within the established theatre business or outside of it. All courses are currently taught as modules and are adapted to the Artist Diploma or Bachelor & Master of Arts degree.

Stage realities
Few other branches of the profession are as subject to the constantly changing nature of artistic realities as that of the actor. For this reason, intercommunication with active stage and performance experience is an important concern for theatre training in all of genres at the Folkwang – from stage acting via performance, revue, cabaret and musical theatre to operetta and opera, or film, TV and radio production. For this reason, courses are run in close cooperation with each other and with the region’s theatres. Cooperative projects also take place at national level, and there are regular projects – involving acting in particular – with international partner universities and institutions.