Illustration: Louisa Kron


Equal Opportunity at the Folkwang University of the Arts

The Folkwang University of the Arts is working on measures for advancing equal opportunity. We want to reduce existing disadvantages and become an environment that enables our members to balance their studies, work and personal life at the university.

We are particularly committed to improving the position of women, be it in the areas of care work – which is still largely unpaid –, by implementing measures to increase in their proportion in underrepresented lines of work or study or by defending their right to sexual self-determination. It is important to us to recognize the diversity of women and to fathom their complex realities into how we do our work.

At our university, we deal with the following topics on a daily basis:

  • The gradual increase in the proportion of women in all underrepresented areas
  • The promotion of young female artists and academics through career advancement and professional development programs
  • The implementation of measures aimed at balancing studies, work and personal life for all members of the university
  • Incorporating gender issues into research and teaching at the university
  • Advancing equal opportunities and anti-discrimination issues as part of the university’s strategic development
  • Increasing the proportion of women in all university committees and advocating for adequate compensations for their above-average involvement in committee work
  • The systematic collection and analysis of equal opportunity-related data such as the proportion of women professors in all academic fields

As a state institution, we act in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Equal Treatment for the State North Rhine-Westphalia (LGG) and the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG).

Do you have any questions or suggestions for our work or would you like advice? Then please contact the Central Equal Opportunity Representative.

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