Facility Management

Facility Management covers all the duties related to the management of space and commercial, technical and infrastructural facility management, such as:

  • Property matters such as accommodation, use of spaces
  • Renting to third parties
  • Property management
  • Management of (in-house) technical equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Power supply
  • Security systems
  • Maintenance
  • Supervising third-party services
  • Minor building measures
  • Waste disposal, cleaning

as well as

  • Operations Services
  • Post office and Photocopying office

Head of Facility Management


+49 (0) 201_4903-344

Mitarbeiter*innen Gebäudemanagement

Buildings and Operations Services

One important mainstay of Buildings Management is Buildings and Operations Services. The air-conditioning, ventilation and heating installations are monitored here, along with the sanitary, gas, water and waste water systems and also the security, access and fire alarm systems. In addition we manage the locking systems, oversee the external facilities and supervise the cleaning staff and winter services; we also carry out minor repairs at the Hochschule and ancillary buildings. Buildings Services also deals with areas such as the maintenance and repair of electronics and lighting systems.

Mitarbeiter Campus Essen-Werden

Mitarbeiter Campus Welterbe Zollverein | Quartier Nord

Michael Schmitz

Department Services | Facility Management | Building Services
Master Electrician

Service point

Another branch of Buildings Management is the post office and photocopying office. In addition to routine postal work relating to incoming and outgoing mail, we deal with messages and errands and also the many and varied requirements for the photocopying centre.

Norbert Surmann

Department Services | Facility Management | Post office, Photocopying
_Deputy representative for severely disabled persons