While studying

At the beginning of (and during) the study, the questions often arise as to when what module is to be taken, what modules are obligatory, at what stage something is optional, how to register for the examinations, etc. This and other information is to be found in the examinations regulations and the modul manuals.

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LABs are inter-university projects, usually combining a minimum of two disciplines (e.g. Dance and Design). LABs deal with inter-disciplinary issues and may be initiated by teaching staff and/or students. Student LABs are a special type of LABs, since the focus here is on independent works by the students themselves.

Extensive information pertaining to the initiation, approval, organisation and realisation of LABs is available here

Module documentation

Your participation in modules and module components is verified with the help of module documentation or the records of study. You first register for the examinations with the module documentation and records of study. As a general rule, the responsible teaching staff member has to sign the corresponding document by the 15th June (for the modules (components) beginning in the summer semester) or the 15th December (for the modules (components) beginning in the winter semester). When you have sat an examination, the results of the examination (passed or failed) and – as appropriate – the examination grade obtained is entered in the module documentation or the record of study and signed by the examiner. When you have successfully sat all the examinations of a module and have all the required signatures, the module must be finally signed by the module representative. The verification provided by the module documentation of the record of study are the requirements for registering your final project and/or your final paper. For your own security, we recommend that you make copies of the individual documents.

Module catalogues

There are module catalogues available on the study courses at the Folkwang University of the Arts. These describe the various modules, module components and, as appropriate, lectures associated with a study course. They contain detailed listings, for which study course a module is applicable, how many credits are assigned to the module, how large the workload is, which teaching staff are associated with the module, who the module representative is and what expertise and qualifications you acquire by taking the module. The module catalogue applicable for you is to be found on your study course page.

We would be delighted to help you with any questions you have relating to the module catalogue..

Optional Studies

The courses offered as part of the Optional Studies are an integrative component of each study course at the Folkwang University of the Arts. They serve to complement the individual course of study with further key qualifications, which cannot be originally offered in the study course. The courses offered range from "Creative Writing", via "Arabic", "Mental Training" through to "Hatha Yoga" and "Martial Arts" as well as "Team/Project Management".

As far as possible, these courses are offered by the Institute for Lifelong Learning. More details of the Optional Studies are available here.

Examination and grades

Registration and deregistration from examinations ensues via the relevant teaching staff member or is organised on a centralised basis via the Examinations Office.

The registration for the modules (components) beginning in the winter semester must ensue by the 15th December and for the modules (components) beginning in the summer semester by the 15th June in the relevant year. For the so-called commission examinations (i.e., the final examinations), the registration is handled by the relevant Examinations Office or the spokepersons of the relevant department. The teaching staff member is responsible for handling all other types of examinations.

Please note: deregistration from examinations must be submitted to the Examinations Office in writing. In the event of illness on the day of the examination, a doctor's certificate confirming the inability to sit the examination must be presented within three days. More details on this are available on the pages of the relevant Examinations Office.

Examination Regulations

There exists an examination regulation for each study course at the Folkwang University of the Arts. An examination regulation is a regulation that specifies the legal framework applicable for your study course. It includes the formulation of various contents. These range from the admission requirements for the study course, via the structure of the study course, the passing and failing of examinations, the composition of grades through to the study plan. The current examination regulations are available on the page of your study course or listed together under Regulations.

If you have any questions on the examination regulations, we would be pleased to advise you.