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Welcome to the library!

The library is a central place of learning at Folkwang University of the Arts and acts as source of information for students, teachers and staff.

In three →Locations, the library offers all of its users support for their studies, research projects and teaching efforts by providing a comprehensive collection and information. The →Library Team is happy to answer your questions and provide assistance with any query.

→Library info flyer

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The library remains closed on all campuses until further notice.
The Folkwang-Scanservice (
Scanwunsch form in the OPAC ) is available for academic purposes. Please send us an email at bibliothek(at) if you have any queries. More infos on the scan service below.
Scanservice for Folkwang members (Scanwunsch form above Mein Konto)
    → Guidelines for German copyright law (by MIZ, in German)
Folkwang-Info page on Corona
Database-Info system

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Scan service for Folkwang members

If you are currently studying or teaching at Folkwang you are welcome to use our scan service. We will scan material available in the library on Essen-Werden or Duisburg campus within the restrictions of German Copyright Laws (Urheberrecht).

Please send us an email at bibliothek(at) with the following information or use the Scanwunsch form above the OPAC (online catalogue).

_Author and title of the work
_Title, volume, issue, year of the journal it is contained in (if applicable)
_Title, editor of the work it is contained in (if applicable)
_Page numbers
_Shelf mark ("Signatur") of the item in Essen-Werden / Duisburg. You can look this up in the library catalogue.

Important information on copyright*:

_Please note, that it is not allowed to copy or scan entire books or printed music that is still under copyright protection. Single chapters or articles are usually allowed for academic purposes.
_Scans may only be used for your own academic research, short excerpts may also be used for teaching purposes in class.
_You are not allowed to perform (live, recorded, streamed or otherwise) any part of music from copied or scanned material that is still under copyright protection. Copies and scans are only allowed for academic research.

If an item is not available in Essen-Werden or Duisburg, you may consider inter library loan (Fernleihe). Please contact us at bibliothek(at) if you have any queries.

*Please note that this does not constitute legal advice.

Corona-FAQ (library)

Last updated on 20 January 2020

Are the library branches in Duisburg and Bochum closed as well?

The closure affects all branches of the library.

Please see Folkwang Corona Info and the Library Homepage for regular updates.

What happens if an item I have is due?

Items that are due while the library is closed will be renewed automatically.

How can I pay my fees?

The Library is closed until further notice. All fees remain "frozen" in the state they were before the lockdown until the library re-opens.

You can check the details in your library account.

What happens to items from inter library loan (Fernleihe)?

The inter library loan service has been suspended for Folkwang until further notice. You may keep all items until the library re-opens.



Can I check out new items?

The Library is closed until further notice and it is not possible to check out new items.

In case you really need items for your studies, feel free to use our scan service or the possibility of an emergency loan.

Also you are welcome to use our Online Services with a variety of online content available.

How can I use the scan service?

In case you need parts from books, journals or sheet music, feel free to use our scan service.

Please use this form to send your request to the library staff. We're going to send you the PDF as soon as possible.


Please consider using the scan service before requesting an emergency loan!

How can I use the emergency loan?

The library is closed until further notice!

If you are an active member of Folkwang, you may request an emergency loan.

Please send an email to bibliothek(at) with the items you need (including author, title, shelf mark) or use the scan service form with an according annotation. The library staff will come back to you with an individual appointment.

Please keep in mind: Items that are marked as "nicht entleihbar" still can't be borrowed.


Important rules when you pick up your items:

  • The right outer door is open.
  • Wearing a face mask is required.
  • You can find your items in a basket between the inner and outer doors.
  • The items are already checked out. You can find the receipt in the basket. Please sign the receipt before you leave.


If you want to return items, please leave them in the basket. The staff will return them as soon as you left the library.

Further questions? Feel free to ask!


To keep making individual appointments as simple as possible, please try to use our scan service before requesting an emergency loan!



Can I return items I don't need any longer?

Please keep all library items until the library reopens. Items that are due while the library is closed will be renewed automatically.



My library card needs to be renewed (verlängert), what can I do?

Please email us at bibliothek(at) with your name and libraryID (on the back of your library card, starting with "E", on your preliminary paper card with "$MHE"). We will renew your account.

Can I request items from other libraries via inter library loan?

Yes! Please keep in mind, that requests may take a bit longer than expected.

Does the library have online services I can use?

Yes. The library offers a variety of online services and content. You can log into licensed databases using your Folkwang-ID at

Can I use the library's databases and streaming services that need log-ins (e.g. Oxford music online or Naxos Music Library) from home?

Folkwang students and staff can access licenced databases from home via using their Folkwang-ID. See Online Services for more information.