Doctoral courses in Musicology and Music Pedagogy

Folkwang University of the Arts has offered a doctoral program in musicology and music pedagogy since 1991. The doctoral course is aimed at a D.Phil degree by dissertation and oral examination. The prerequisite for admission to the doctoral program is an undergraduate degree in academic/theoretical music or other academic degree with a basis in music. A doctoral degree is one of the requirements for appointment to university teaching and research positions.

Before the submission of an application for admission to doctoral studies, the student will discuss his or her dissertation project with a professor, and will enter into a binding agreement with him or her regarding research support. The dissertation will then be written during the course of the doctoral studies.
The study course will be completed with the doctoral procedure, which comprises an assessment of the dissertation, and a public disputation at the university. The disputation will serve as a demonstration of the doctoral student’s ability to draw on applied methods, to provide details about the content of the dissertation, and to reflect on the relevance of the dissertation topic in terms of a greater issue horizon.

Conditions for entry and requirements

The conditions for entry to the doctoral program are:
general university entrance qualification or equivalent school-leaving certificate;
a professional degree: a degree in academic music / musicology other academic degree with a basis in music (comprising at least 8 semesters of study); a shorter period of undergraduate  study or artistic studies can be given equivalent recognition, but must be supplemented by preparatory doctoral courses;
4 semesters of study at doctoral level.

Admissions Board



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