Voice | Music Theatre (Master of Music)

Basic info & Application

  • Faculty: 3
  • Degree: Master of Music (M.Mus.)
  • Standard period of study: 4 semesters full-time
  • Workload: 120 ECTS Credits
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Provider: Folkwang University of the Arts
  • Programme start: Each winter semester in October and each summer semester in April

Admission requirements

_Evidence of a first university degree which the Master study course is based on. Official database on the equivalence of international educational achievements: http://anabin.kmk.org/anabin.html)


_Evidence of artistic aptitude by passing the aptitude test at the Folkwang University of the Arts.

Language requirements

_Applicants have to verify proof of language level A2 with enrolment.


_The required levels of language skills at Folkwang University of the Arts are in accordance to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


_50 € application fee: For your application a fee of € 50 is due. The amount will be shown to you in the application form.


_No tuition fees are charged at Folkwang.


_Each semester all students have to pay a social contribution for the services of the Student Union, a student contribution for the work of the AStA (General Student Committee) and the VRR/NRW ticket. A breakdown of the amounts plus information on how to pay is available here.


Folkwang actively supports the call of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to train people with disabilities as artists and therefore particularly welcomes applications for the guest student programme, regular study courses and requests for inclusive cooperation projects. Prospective students should make use of the possibility of a counselling meeting with the  Representative for students with disability or chronic illness in advance.

Application documents

Applications must be submitted via the Folkwang Application Portal by the end of the application period on 15 November (for the following summer semester) or on 15 March (for the following winter semester). The portal is open for applications from 1 October to 15 November and from 15 January to 15 March. Submit your application as early as possible. Only applications that have been submitted in full by the application deadline will be considered. Academic certificates must be submitted in the original German or English language or with an official translation.

For the application you have to upload the following in the portal:



_Curriculum Vitae in tabular form (desired)

_Passport photograph (optional)


_School-leaving certificate from the last school attended (secondary school, e.g. high school); alternatively last school certificate


_If applicable, degree certificate, transcript of records and/or certificate of enrolment from the university(ies) attended to date


_If applicable, certificate of foreign university entrance examination such as APS certificate / American College Test (ACT) / College Scholastic Ability Test / University Entrance Examination Center Test or other international educational achievements that constitute a university entrance qualification for Germany such as completed periods of studies; country-specific information: http://anabin.kmk.org/anabin.html


_For the first stage of the aptitude test, i.e. the 'Digital Preliminary Round', you must also already upload a link. You can find more information below at the section "Aptitude Test".



_Proof of payment of the application fee (bank statement)

Aptitude test (multi-stage aptitude test)

The aptitude test consists of a digital preliminary round, which is carried out electronically (1st stage), and an on-site examination (2nd stage). To pass the aptitude test, applicants must meet all of the requirements of both stages (as listed below).


Digital preliminary round (1st stage of the selection process)


The following formal requirements apply to the digital preliminary round:


1. Applicants submit their video recording electronically to the application portal by the deadline of 15 November (for the following summer semester) or of 15 March (for the following winter semester).


2. Applicants observe the current formal requirements (see our website for the  digital preliminary round).


3. The video recording must be no older than 6 months and no longer than 15 minutes.


4. Video and audio of the recording must not be edited or manipulated (not cut). 


5. The video recording contains the vocal presentation of three works from different stylistic periods in three different languages. One of these must be performed in German, one must be a recitative with aria, one must be a lied (art song), and one must have been created after 1950. Applicants may choose to perform with or without accompaniment.


The following selection criteria apply to the digital preliminary round:


1. Vocal/technical ability and sound quality

2. Technical and artistic mastery of the programme

3. Artistic expression and stage presence

4. Stylistic assurance and musicality

5. Vocal and artistic potential


Applicants who have passed the first round will be invited in writing to main round, which will take place in person on site.


On-site aptitude test (2nd stage of the selection process)


The on-site aptitude test consists of an audition of five works from different styles and epochs (opera/oratorio/art song).


The criteria for artistic aptitude are as follows:


1. Individual vocal quality

2. Technical, interpretative and musical skill level 

3. Stage presence

Examination regulations & module catalogue (in German only)

Enrolment FROM winter semester 2023/24 - Current

Nr. 452 | Examination regulations for the study course Master of Music „Voice/Music Theatre from 12.07.2023


Module catalogue for Master of Music "Voice/Music Theatre" No 452 (B.Mus.)


Enrolment FROM winter semester 2021/22 - Expiring

Nr. 395 | Examination regulations for the study course Master of Music „Voice/Music Theatre“ from 11.08.2021


Module catalogue for Master of Music "Voice/Music Theatre" (M.Mus.)


Enrolment FROM winter semester 2018/19 - Expiring

Nr. 333 | Examination regulations for the study course Master of Music „Voice/Music Theatre“ vom 08.08.2018


Modul catalogue for the study course Master of Music Voice Performance (M.Mus.)


Enrolment BEFORE winter semester 2018/19 - Expiring


Nr. 174 | Examination regulations for the study course Master of Music "Voice Performance" (M.Mus.) from 26.06.2013



Modul catalogue for the study course Master of Music Voice Performance (M.Mus.)


Only after you have successfully applied for a study place is your last step in the application process enrolment. Enrolment takes place at the end of September for the start of studies in October and at the end of March for the start of studies in April. Please refer to your letter of admission for the exact period.

Further information on the procedure and documents can be found on the websites on enrolment.