Musical (Bachelor of Arts)

Basic info & Application

  • Faculty: 3
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Standard period of study: 8 semesters full-time
  • Workload: 240 ECTS Credits
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Provider: Folkwang University of the Arts
  • Programme start: Each summer semester in April

Admission requirements

_Evidence of qualification for entry (general university entrance certificate). Official database on the equivalence of international educational achievements:


_Evidence of artistic aptitude or outstanding artistic talent respectively by passing the aptitude test at the Folkwang University of the Arts.


_Applicants without a general university entrance certificate may also be admitted, provided that they exhibit outstanding artistic talent (see "Rahmeneignungsprüfungsordnung" Nr. 399 §8)

Language requirements

_Applicants have to verify proof of language level B2 with enrolment.


_The required levels of language skills at Folkwang University of the Arts are in accordance to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


_50 € application fee: For your application a fee of € 50 is due. The amount will be shown to you in the application form.


_No tuition fees are charged at Folkwang.


_Each semester all students have to pay a social contribution for the services of the Student Union, a student contribution for the work of the AStA (General Student Committee) and the VRR/NRW ticket. A breakdown of the amounts plus information on how to pay is available here.


Folkwang actively supports the call of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to train people with disabilities as artists and therefore particularly welcomes applications for the guest student programme, regular study courses and requests for inclusive cooperation projects. Prospective students should make use of the possibility of a counselling meeting with the  Representative for students with disability or chronic illness in advance.

Application documents

Applications must be submitted via the Folkwang Application Portal by the end of the application period on 15 November (for the following summer semester). The portal is open for applications from 1 October to 15 November. Submit your application as early as possible. Only applications that have been submitted in full by the application deadline will be considered. Academic certificates must be submitted in the original German or English language or with an official translation.

For the application you have to upload the following in the portal:



_Curriculum Vitae in tabular form (desired)

_Passport photograph (optional)


_School-leaving certificate from the last school attended (secondary school, e.g. high school); alternatively last school certificate


_If applicable, degree certificate, transcript of records and/or certificate of enrolment from the university(ies) attended to date


_If applicable, certificate of foreign university entrance examination such as APS certificate / American College Test (ACT) / College Scholastic Ability Test / University Entrance Examination Center Test or other international educational achievements that constitute a university entrance qualification for Germany such as completed periods of studies; country-specific information:


_For the first stage of the aptitude test, i.e. the 'Digital Preliminary Round', you must also already upload a link. You can find more information below at the section "Aptitude Test".



_Proof of payment of the application fee (bank statement)

Aptitude test (multi-stage selection process)

The determination of artistic aptitude consists of a digital preliminary round as an online examination to determine vocal aptitude (1st stage of the selection procedure) and an on-site examination lasting several days (2nd stage of the selection procedure). 


Digital preliminary round (1st round)


1. applicants submit their own video recording electronically in the application portal by the deadline of 15 November,


2. the applicants observe the valid formal requirements (see our website for the digital preliminary round),),


3. the applicants send in a video recording that is no older than 6 months and no longer than 15 minutes,


4. the video recording is neither acoustically nor visually post-edited, all components of the video (see points 5. and 6.) are compiled into one video.


5. the video recording contains the introduction of the applicant with the following information: Name, place of residence, duration of singing lessons, duration and type of dance lessons, brief information on previous experience in the musical field such as participation in school productions as well as announcement (title, musical, composer) of the songs presented and


6. the video recording contains the vocal presentation of two pieces borrowed from a musical, at least one of which must be performed in German. Both songs can be performed with piano accompaniment, playback accompaniment or without accompaniment.


The following professional criteria apply to the digital preliminary round:


1. vocal predisposition,


2. technical vocal ability,


3. musicality and


4. the ability to express oneself and suitability for the stage.



On-site examinations (2nd round)


The on-site examinations usually take place in February. Please note that you must be present in person for these examinations.


Subject-related criteria for the assessment of artistic aptitude within the framework of the on-site examinations are: 


1. for the singing part of the examination: vocal disposition, vocal technical ability, musicality, musical perception, ability to concentrate, ability to express oneself and suitability for the stage,


2. for the dance part of the examination: basic rhythmic-musical and aesthetic sensibility, proof of the basics of ballet and jazz dance techniques, ability to express oneself and suitability for the stage,


3. for the acting part of the examination: artistic talent, including the particular ability to perform in terms of gestural expression, the ability to express oneself as a performer, voice and language; and


4. for the ensemble part of the examination: the ability to perform improvisation with regard to spontaneous, imaginative acting and reacting.


First round of examinations


The first round of examinations consists of the following four successive individual examinations:


1. the memorised performance of two contrasting songs (preferably from musicals), at least one of which must be in German; the two works may only be accompanied by piano; the Folkwang University of the Arts will provide the pianist; the candidate will provide sheet music for the accompaniment; the songs from the digital preliminary round or other songs may be performed,


2. proof of dance aptitude by means of group training in classical dance, for which previous knowledge is required, and the demonstration of an own choreography in jazz dance. Applicants will be informed in writing of the music requirements for their own choreography no later than 6 weeks before the start of the on-site examination,


3. testing musicality, musical perception (melody, rhythm) and concentration by means of short, non-written musical dictations and melodic improvisation exercises, and


4. the audition of two independently prepared role excerpts in German from theatre literature (audition duration of a maximum of 10 minutes in total), one of which must be from classical literature up to and including the 19th century and one from 20th and 21st century literature, as well as, if deemed necessary for the assessment, an improvisation on a set theme.


Final selection


The final selection consists of a renewed examination of the subjects singing, dancing, acting and ensemble work.


Only after you have successfully applied for a study place is your last step in the application process enrolment. Enrolment takes place at the end of September for the start of studies in October and at the end of March for the start of studies in April. Please refer to your letter of admission for the exact period.

Further information on the procedure and documents can be found on the websites on enrolment.