Aim of the course

The Directing study course teaches the realisation of dramatic themes/texts with actors for the stage.

The aim of the course is to graduate with the "Artist Diploma" artistic degree, culminating in a production staging (approx. 60 minutes) as well as a written work of at least 20 pages in length.

The final production staging must be based on a text, which the student deals with on a dramaturgical basis.

We consider the basic elements of theatre (the telling of stories, the working with actors, the interpretation of texts) to be both relevant and timeless.
We teach and check the artistic-technical way these elements are handled.

The artistic creative process is perceived as a confrontation by the director with a counterpart, which for him primarily consists in the work with the actors, the text and the staging.

The various practical works before the Artist Diploma include the development of a minimum of two projects based on dramatic texts. In addition, the students will develop at least one project based on a non-dramatic text.