Cooperative projects and master classes

“Young Ensemble at the MiR”

Cooperative project between Musiktheater im Revier and the Folkwang University of the Arts

Along with the 08-09 season and the new director Michael Schulz, there is a new cooperative programme between the Musiktheater im Revier Gelsenkirchen and the Folkwang University of the Arts: “Young Ensemble at the MiR”, a newly established opera studio. Here Folkwang voice students have the opportunity to become ensemble members at MiR while they are still studying, and thus to acquire some extremely practical experience. Students may be cast in anything from a small part to a leading role.

Current members of the "Young Ensemble" at MiR Gelsenkirchen:

  • Judith Caspari
  • Sina Jacka
  • Seung-Ho Choi
  • Jacoub Eisa
  • Philipp Werner
  • Marvin Zobel

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Further cooperations

Theater DortmundTheater Hagen

Master classes

  • Olaf Bär

    Vladimir Bouchler
    Paul Curran
    Helen Donath

    David Freeman
    Anja Hateros

    Andreas Homoki
    Prof. Linda Watson