The participating Universities


Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu

The theatre department of the Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, which was founded in 1996, enjoys a unique position in Romania due to its close relationship with the Sibiu International Theatre Festival as well as the Radu Stanca National Theatre. Among the teaching staff, who come primarily from Sibiu and Bucharest, Constantin Chiriac, head of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, plays the most important role. Professors from abroad are also involved in providing the varied educational offering, and there are many international connections.


Bogdan Sărătean | Director
Bogdan Sărătean studied Philosophy in Cluj, acting and directing at UNATC (National University of Theatre Art and Cinema) Bucharest. In 2006 he obtained two prizes at Young Actor’s Gala Hop. In 2007 he founded the theatre company Trimbulinzii, and from 2009 he has been the president of BIS Cultural Association. He is an actor of Radu Stanca National Theatre and he teaches courses of acting at Lucian Blaga University Sibiu. He has acted over twenty parts and he has staged shows on texts by August Strindberg, Maurice Maeterlinck, Haruki Murakami, Alessandro Baricco.


Shanghai Theatre Academy

Shanghai Theatre Academy was founded in 1945, and ranks among the top institutes of higher learning in arts education in China. There are Departments of Acting, Stage Design, Directing, and Department of Dramatic Literature, and four colleges (College of Chinese Opera, College of Dance, College of Television Arts, and College of Creativity Studies), as well as two pre-college schools: Chinese Opera School and Dance School. Over the years, Shanghai Theatre Academy has made great contribution to the culture and art development in China and abroad.


Wang Yang | Director

Wang Yang obtained his PhD in directing from Central Academy of Drama Arts, China in 2008, and participated in BADA/Balliol Shakespeare program in Oxford England in 2002. Now he works in Shanghai Theatre Academy as an acting teacher, and as a director in Shanghai Dramatic Center. He has directed plays such as: "Tie & High-heeled Shoes" (musical production), "Chinese Jujube", "The woman in black", "Faust", "Night of the soul".


Drama Academy Ramallah

The first academic institute of higher education for actors on Palestinian territory was founded in the winter semester of 2009/2010 with the support of Folkwang University of the Arts and within the framework of the “Future for Palestine” initiative. As well as following the curriculum, through an exchange program students have the opportunity for regular artistic contacts and exchanging of experiences with their German partners. The Drama Academy is sponsored by Stiftung Mercator, and the exchange program is financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


Samer Al-Saber | Director

Samer Al-Saber founded Ottawa’s Vision Theatre in 2000 and functioned as its Artistic Director. Recent work includes directing radio dramas at Shabab Net radio in Yemen; offering a theatre workshop in Jordan (organized by the UNRWA); and leading a performance workshop at the Palestinian National Theatre. Samer is completing a PhD in Theatre History and Criticism at the University of Washington; he obtained a B.A. from the University of Ottawa. His academic work is concerned with theatre in the Middle East.



Folkwang University of the Arts

The acting course of the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen is one of the most renowned theatre schools in the German-speaking world. The Folkwang idea of interdisciplinary cooperation (Physical Theatre, Dance, Music Theatre, Musical) is particularly pursued in this course. Through international workshops and projects, as well as the integration of students and lecturers from abroad, the department has collected a particularly great deal of experience in the interplay of different cultures and theatrical traditions.


Brian Michaels | Director

Brian Michaels was born in London and studied Philosophy at the University of Sussex. In 1973 he moved to Germany, where he worked on various community projects. In 1978 he founded the first German immigrants’ theatre with a group of Sicilian workers. Having created a similar project for the State Theatre in Stuttgart in 1984, he was then asked to work for the State Opera House on a regular basis. Since then, he has worked as a freelance director for both theatre and opera. Brian Michaels has been Professor of Acting | Directing at the Folkwang University of the Arts since 1994.


Columbia University School of the Arts | Theatre Arts Programme

CU’s Theatre Arts Programme is international, collaborative and interdisciplinary. It is defined by its location in New York City, a global capital of theatre, and by the extensive network of alumni and faculty who run prestigious Broadway, Off-Broadway and regional theatres; direct and perform in Tony- and other award-winning productions; work in every level of the professional theatre world; and teach, mentor and engage with students on an ongoing basis. Coursework is centered on experience - on campus and off, commercial and experimental.


Niky Wolcz | Director

Niky Wolcz studied at the Theatre University in Bucharest. He has worked as an actor, teacher, and director throughout Europe, and has been faculty at Columbia since 1996, where his productions included "Twelfth Night", "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" (with Andrei Serban), "The Bald Soprano", and "The Lesson". His European directing credits include "La Dispute", "The Birds", "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Macbeth", "Waiting for Godot", "Don Giovanni", and "La Bohème". His Metropolitan Opera debut was in 2003 with choreography for the premiere of Benvenuto Cellini.