Directing Vocal Ensembles
 – Master of Music
Singing with children and teenagers

This course is designed as a four-semester Master’s programme and is intended primarily for graduates in Church Music, School Music Teaching, Music Pedagogy and Voice. The many opportunities for both work observation and practice teaching lessons in many different kinds of organisations and with the cooperating partners of Folkwang University of the Arts – from kindergartens to choral singing schools – ensure that there is a close connection between training and professional practice. This is precisely in line with the Folkwang idea of interdisciplinary teaching, learning and production.

Course content

  • Conducting children’s choirs: choral conducting, methodology, solfege, conducting instrumental ensembles, choral literature
  • Choral practice: practice ensemble, choral singing, work observation and experience
  • Practical subjects relevant to choral work: playing from a full score / piano reduction, tools of composition/analysis, dealing with electronic media
  • Voice and aural: singing, aural training, vocal physiology, rhythm and movement, work observation / work experience in voice tuition
  • Presentation and management: dramatic work, communication / conflict management, choir management and project development

Study plan

Study plan
Directing Vocal Ensembles - Singing with children and teenagers (M.Mus.)

Course information

Dean’s office, Faculty 2
Tel +49 (0)201_4903-116
Fax +49 (0)201_4903-279

Course beginning

winter semester

Application deadline

15 March

Qualifying examination


You can find more information about applying and the application form here:

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