Aims of the course

The primary objective is to make students competitive in terms of the many different demands in the professional life of a musician in the jazz field and in other closely related areas.

In this course, building upon a thorough mastery of their instrument, students learn to develop approaches to an individual musical language, and/or to be able to move securely within a variety of styles. In various different kinds of tuition activities, foundations of the jazz tradition as well as trends in the current scene are made the subject for musical work.

When the course was first set up, the electronic production of sound with computers and the relevant software already had an established place within the course offering, and this is constantly being updated to keep up with technological advancements. Studio practice, image setting and computer animation are therefore natural components of the curriculum. 
In their graduation project, students must document the process of their experience and maturation in both technical/artistic and technological/media aspects, with a sound for which they will take their own responsibility.

Four years of study are not simply a time for training. They also constitute a period in one’s life that has not only professional but also personal/social significance. Therefore the 50 to 55 students in the course receive performance-oriented training as contemporary musicians in a positive environment, with the best possible individual advice and consultation.