Brief information on the “Integrative Composition Master of Music” study course

1.) General information

The "Integrative Composition – Master of Music" study course is a project-oriented study course, in which projects from the fields of integrative composition may form the central study content.

These fields are:

  • Instrumental Composition
  • Electronic Composition
  • Pop Composition
  • Composition and Visualisation

Projects should ideally include several of these fields with different weightings.

2.) Study schedule and study course

The modules include the following categories:

  • Composition / Project work
  • Master seminar for depiction, exchange and discussion of the Master project with fellow Master students
  • Master tutorials for didactic preparation of the Master project themes
  • Master thesis       

In addition, there is a major elective area from the entire Integrative Composition, in which students may develop specific skills necessary for their project.

3.) Determining artistic aptitude

The artistic aptitude will be determined within the aptitude test procedure. Further information is available on the website application.

4.) Frequency

Admission is always for the winter semester (beginning of October) and summer semester (beginning in April). The aptitude examination usually takes place in May/June for winter semester and January für summer semester (the precise details are available here).

5.) Student Advisory

For general enquiries regarding the studies and the application you are welcome to contact the Student Advisory Service.

For subject-specific questions please contact the respective teaching staff of the study course.