Vocal Ensemble Direction – Master of Music field of study: Choral Direction

_120 CP - full-time

Study contents

  • Choral Direction Conducting technique, rehearsal methodology, ensemble direction, narrative study
  • Choral practice: practice ensemble, choral singing and observation
  • Practical choral supplementary subjects: score/piano piece extract, piano accompaniment, harmony/analysis, handling electronic media
  • Voice and pitch: voice, aural training, voice physiology, rhythm and movement, observation in voice instruction
  • Presentation and management: scenic work, communication / conflict management, choral management and project development
  • Master project: concert and presentation (scenic performance, lecture concert, programme, audio recording, DVD production)

Tasks for the purpose of determining artistic aptitude

The qualifying examination for the study course specified above consists of the following elements:

a. Ensemble direction – producing a prepared work selected by the candidate (taking into account aspects of the ensemble-specific choral vocal training), conducting an unprepared work (altogether approx 20 minutes). Please bring enough copies for the choir with you.

b. Voice – presenting 3 pieces from different epochs, one of which unaccompanied. Sight-singing of a demanding choral part (altogether approx. 15 minutes).

c. Keyboard instrument – three pieces of literature of intermediate difficulty (including one work by J.S. Bach), a score playing task of intermediate difficulty (with one hour to prepare for) and a piano piece (extract) as well as a simple prima vista score playing task, as required. 

d. If required, a colloquium may also be held.  This, however, will not be marked.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Prof. Jörg Breiding


Choral directing, Directing mixed ensembles

_Study programme coordinator direction of vocal ensembles