Prof. Noam Meiri

_Physical Theatre | Practical Theatre Work
_Faculty: 3




since 2002
co-founder and director of Tel Aviv`s "Haguf Theater" (Theater of The Body) School and Stage for Physical Theater.

since 2000
Professor of the Jacques Lecoq Method of Physical Theater at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany. Meiri teaches and directs actors, musicals, directors, dancers, physical theater and opera students.
1997 – 2000
Guest director for physical theater in Laban Centre, London; R.A.D.A., London; Actors Centre, London; G.S.A. England; N.Y.U. University, New York.

Professional practice

Original, devised theater projects - Acting / Writing / Directing
(selected works)

Momik - Based on David Grossman's See Under: Love. The "Teatroneto Festival" in Tel Aviv for One-Person Plays.

Words of His Own
Premiere in Tel Aviv.
Additional performances: The Edinburgh Festival, Scotland; London; the Brighton Festival; NYU Theater, New York; San Francisco.

Shakespeare's Love's Labor's Lost
Performed at the International Shakespeare Festival for Acting Schools in Recklinghausen Festival, Germany.

Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince
Produced by the Folkwang University's Theater Department for the Acting Schools Meeting. Kampnagel Theater, Hamburg.

Longing for Amor and Psyche
An original ensemble work inspired by Apuleius's Cupid and Psyche. Summer project of The Opera Department of Folkwang University of the Arts at Essen, Germany.

Meeting Point
A clown & burlesque show. Directed by Pierre Byland, Switzerland. The Dimitri Theater, Verscio Svizzera, Switzerland; Theater Bellevue Amsterdam.


L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq
Specialized in physical theater, theater masks, storytelling, clown, object theater and cabaret.


Theater Department and School of Education, Tel Aviv University.