Musical – Bachelor of Arts

The course was established in 1989 and accepts six students every year. These students gain a very wide range of skills through interdisciplinary tuition in acting, dance and voice. With continuous intensive training, students learn to transcend their own boundaries and acquire the artistic and technical skills that will equip them to launch a successful stage career and maintain it amid tough competition.

On the Faculty are internationally renowned experts and active artists, so the quality and diversity of the training is guaranteed. All kinds of public projects plus engagement with the whole spectrum of the literature – from the classic musical all the way to the contemporary musical theatre literature by way of chanson, revue, cabaret and operetta – helps students to discover and hone their talents.

Along with semester concerts, a big graduation performance is staged every year; this is usually a co-production with an external organizer so that students can gain experience of the professional theatre business outside the university as early as possible. It is not unusual for this co-production to serve as a springboard into the big musical ensemble productions or playhouses.