Academic Studies

Musicology study course – Bachelor and Licence

Bilingual Musicology study course in cooperation with the Université François-Rabelais de Tours

From the 2013/14 winter semester, Folkwang – in cooperation with the Université François Rabelais de Tours – has offered the bilingual German-French Musicology study course, a course hitherto unique in Germany.  Its unique features are the continuous joint training of French and German students on a bilingual basis and the subject-related provision of intercultural expertise.

The preparation for the European labour market is intensified by the collaboration with music and theatre institutions at both locations.
The three-year study course begins with the first year in Tours and continues in the second year in Essen. For the third year, students have the choice of Tours or Essen depending on the learning objective and vocational orientation striven for. In this regard, the two locations offer differing fields of specialisation. In either case, graduates receive both the German Bachelor of Arts and the French Licence des Arts et Sciences humaines. This qualifies them for administrative work in theatre and music cultural institutions as well as for a Master study course in applied or research-oriented Musicology. In France, the Master study level can be followed by the "CAPES", the French state examination for teaching at upper secondary (grammar) schools.

The study course is supported by the international umbrella organisation of the German-French University (DFH/UFA), which provides the students with a mobility allowance (currently €350 per month) during the semesters spent studying abroad – albeit only during the lecture periods.

Registration at the German-French University is also required. 

Dates and Deadlines

  • The application for the aptitude test is possible until 15.3. for the coming winter semester (alternatively, it is also possible to apply to the Université de Tours via the French platform "Parcoursup"; here, the deadlines change annually).
  • The aptitude test takes place in Essen at the end of May / beginning of June
  • On admission: enrolment to the study course at the three universities Essen, Tours and the German-French University (DFH)
  • Enrolment in Essen: end of September
  • Enrolment in Tours: August/September
  • Enrolment at the German-French University 2nd May to 30th September
  • Start of course in the winter semester: in Essen 1st October, in Tours the beginning of September