Academic Studies

Integrative Music Theory

Didactics specialisation area

The study course specialising in didactics is aimed at students with a high degree of artistic and pedagogical talent as well as an interest in sophisticated academic and musical didactic issues.

The purpose of this specialisation is therefore more than the gaining of an additional pedagogical qualification:  students in this study course will acquire the expertise and qualifications particularly necessary for teaching in colleges and universities (but also in other areas).

The focus here is not only on university didactics but also music pedagogy research. Moreover, this is also the place for the development of curricula and the producing of teaching materials for schools, music schools and universities. The study course takes account of the fact that activities in music pedagogy professions today require comprehensive knowledge and a high degree of flexibility.

Module catalogue:
Integrative Music Theory - specialisation in didactics (M.Mus)

Study plan:
Integrative Music Theory - specialisation in didactics (M.Mus.)