folkwang ist… dancing at home von Cheng-Yang Peng

Being at home during the restriction on contact, Folkwang Dance student Cheng-Yang Peng (B.A.) created a video with his fellow Folkwang Dance students and friends. The music was composed by Folkwang student Marco Girardin (Professional Performance (M.Mus.), Klasse Prof. Heinzmann).

"We are Dancers. Dance is our passion. Following our passion is what we are going to do.

In the beginning, I saw a video on social media that was created by NDT (Nederlands Dans Theater). At that moment I just thought ‘Why can’t we make a video by ourselves?’ Then I started to organize. First of all, I had to find out who is interested in this project. I asked my colleagues and friends. Unexpectedly, lots of people wanted to participate.
Honestly, this was my first time to organize such a project and make a video like this and I had no idea how it would turn out. We planned that three to four people per day should film their sequences. The request was that the next person had to catch up the last movement from the previous person. That’s it.
In short: This is easy to create but you have to try it, otherwise good ideas will not become a piece. Before we started, we had reached an agreement that the only rule to create this video was ’Have fun’. I really appreciate all participants for giving me a chance.”

Cheng-Yang Peng
Studiengang Tanz (B.A.)