Transdisciplinary: the LABs

Transdisciplinary thinking

The central element of our educational philosophy at the Folkwang University of the Arts is the link between artistic, design-related and scientific disciplines. This transdisciplinary work is fully anchored in the entire structure of the programme as well as in the curri-cula of the various courses of study through the so-called LABs. Thus, this way of doing work has been established for the long-term and has been integrated success-fully into the daily reality of the Folkwang University of the Arts. LABs are project laboratories, in which at least two disciplines cooperate with each other. This platform involving the linking of and the exchanging between various disciplines opens up new ways of thinking and thus creates an unique form of artistic and scientific production, within which entirely new, creative concepts can arise.   

LABs - places for thinking and project laboratories

The so-called LABs are interdisciplinary project laboratories with a high level of aca-demic credit.  Beginning in the fifth semester, select groups of qualified students may participate in our LABs and, in so doing, they experience various kinds of synergy and new ways of thinking. LABs involve global topics that are relevant to society. They help our students understand matters that go beyond the scope of their own subjects, which will prove beneficial for their future careers, and provide them with an opportunity for experimentation so as to discover what their true strengths are.