Communication sciences in the Communication Design degree program

Communicative practices in culture, society and technology are the subject of communication science. As a theoretical and empirical social science, it is concerned with describing, analyzing and explaining human communication processes and revealing the underlying social actions. The function and structure of communication are analyzed. At the same time, it addresses the different forms of processing information and knowledge.

Participants in the communication science sub-module are already familiar with basic statements about communication in the area of design-relevant issues. Therefore, they can now be confronted with explicit modalities of communication processes with advertising intent on a micro- and macrological level. Theories of the causes and consequences of the corresponding forces of effect, anchoring and dynamization are central to this. The subject of the sub-module are sources and theories that address both the overall creative communication as well as detailed questions.

The time continuum of cultural development from the earliest to the most recent manifestations is taken into account. Methodologically, a combination of hermeneutics and structuralist approaches in conjunction with systemic meta-theory is relevant.