Graphics and Design

Graphics is a compulsory subject for our students during their introductory study period  and it aims at developing their individual drawing abilities in a supportive manner. This subject trains them how to ascertain forms and how to draw them. The concentrated study of the most important forms and col-our associations exerts a strong influence on our students’ artistic know-ledge and is associated  with trying out different methods of representation and their means of expression. As a form of creative drawing, Graphics is an excellent way of training the fantasy of our students.   

Associations and visualisation methods help develop optical displacement systems, which, in turn, leads to an abundance of brainstorming through interconnectedness and thus they become the basis for every type of artistic design.
Graphics can also be studied as a subject during students’ main course of study and applies what was previously learned to topics dealing with design. Drawing here fulfils many and diverse functions and aesthetic demands. The usual types of work such as sketches, designs and illustrations will be fo-cused on, tried out and optimised in the context of conceptual parameters.

The artistic unity of idea, conception and realisation forms the basis of the increasingly sophisticated nature of the designer’s work.