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Updated on 22 January 2021

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Amendment dated 22/01/2021
The Coronavirus Protection Regulations have been updated (updates are highlighted yellow).
All measures previously valid for the university have been extended until 14/02/2021.

The ordinance on protecting against Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infections in relation to incoming and returning international travellers (Coronavirus Entry Ordinance) and the NRW Quarantine Regulations are constantly being adjusted. Please note the latest entry and quarantining requirements:

Switching from safe mode to online learning – face-to-face classes not permitted
As of 16/12/2020, the university is operating totally online. All subject seminars must be run digitally. Face-to-face subject seminars and in-person examinations as well as preparatory measures must be requested from the President, and are only permitted if, for reasons in law or in fact, they cannot be postponed until after 14 February 2021 or a postponement is not feasible for the examinees.

The following formats are thus not permitted face-to-face until 14 February 2021: Practice/rehearsals; workshops/laboratory work; individual tuition; group tuition and practical classes, regardless of group size; artistic events with or without an audience; committee meetings; work meetings involving more than two persons. If given a choice of workplaces, remote working must be given preference.

The General Hygiene Plan is valid until 31/01/2021.

Library operations
The library remains closed on all campuses until further notice. The Folkwang-Scanservice (form in the OPAC ) is available for academic purposes. The library now also offers a contactless emergency loan service.

Entering university grounds and premises as part of online learning
University members and affiliates, as well as third parties, may only enter university grounds and premises for a currently permitted occasion; third parties may also do so with special approval. These occasions are detailed in the university’s Catalogue of Measures.
Anyone entering a campus must also meet the conditions outlined in the Hygiene Plan, and adhere strictly to the applicable protective measures, hygiene rules and physical-distancing rules. The applicable conditions and rules are detailed in the university’s Hygiene Plan.

Artistic events
All curricular artistic events must be held online only.
Due to the currently valid Corona Protection Regulations of the State of NRW, it will unfortunately not be possible to hold any events in front of an audience at the Folkwang University of the Arts up to and including 14 February 2021. Please note our digital event offers.

Folkwang student canteen & AStA-(Student committees) Café
The Folkwang student canteen and AStA-Café remain closed until further notice.

Issuing of FFP2 masks
University members belonging to a high-risk group (pre-existing condition, over 60 years of age) and who are regularly on site at the university (classes, office use etc.) will be given FFP2 masks (further details in the General Hygiene Plan).

High-risk areas: Essen, Duisburg, Bochum, Dortmund

Due to the hazard level 2 (high-risk area) declared by the municipalities at all campuses of the Folkwang University of the Arts, additional specific regulations apply for the respective sites. These must also be taken into account.
No gatherings are permitted on the university’s outdoor grounds. Only persons from the same household, plus no more than one person from a different household, may meet on campus, while maintaining physical distancing and wearing a mask.

Furthermore cities of Essen, Duisburg, Bochum and Dortmund have currently exceeded a coronavirus incidence of 50, meaning they are now classified as high-risk areas/coronavirus hotspots. For this reason, those cities have introduced further coronavirus restrictions. More information on the new regulations can be found on the cities’ official websites:
> Essen

> Duisburg

> Bochum
> Dortmund