Photography – Bachelor of Arts

The Folkwang University of the Arts enjoys a rich tradition in Photography. The high quality both of its artistic and academic training is characterised by an open discourse that takes photography seriously as a medium in a state of constant change. Together, we seek both future photographic forms of expression and new paths of critical reflection on photography.

The subjects taught by the professors of the study course comprise Photography/Foundations, Documentary Photography, Photo Design, Artistic Photography as well as the Theory and History of Photography. Superbly equipped photo laboratories and an outstanding research library are the key principles of our daily work.

The special profile of our training at Folkwang University is characterised by the close association practiced with the design subjects of Communication Design and Industrial Design as well as the disciplines of Music, Dance and Acting. Interdisciplinary projects, artistic and academic guest lectures as well as student exhibitions and publications round off this course of study. We regularly work together with important collection and exhibition houses, while, last but not least, we maintain a close contact to other art universities both within and outside Europe.

There exist two study programmes for the photographic practice, a four-year Bachelor of Arts study course as well as – building on this – a two-year Master of Arts course. A new Master study course (also of two years), specialising in the History and Theory of Photography will be offered starting in the 2016/2017 winter semester. The two Master courses "Photography Studies and Practice" and "Photography Studies and Research" are designed as a tandem, intended to allow a close exchange between art and academic studies.

The aim of our artistic and academic training is the development of an individual profile designed to enable a successful professional practice in a wide range of areas of activity in the dynamic markets of photography that exist today. 

Photography study programmes

Photography - Bachelor of Arts

Photography Studies and Practise – Master of Arts

Photography Studies and Research - Master of Arts