Folkwang Tanzstudio

“wilderness tender”

Weaving, struggling, organized, breathing bodies expand and contract together through scenes of tenderness and chaos.
Using strikingly colorful, surreal scenic design inspired by the imagery of Henri Rousseau, "wilderness tender" is wildly, intricately physical and awkwardly human.

Stephanie Miracle

Choreographie: Stephanie Miracle
Tanz: Yi-An Chen, Maria Giovanna Delle Donne, Eray Gülay, Stsiapan Hurski, Nejma Larichi, Anouk Orignac, Eva Pageix, Darko Radosavljev, Chih-I Wu

Premiere: 1. März 2018
Folgevorstellungen: 2., 3., 4. März 2018

Maschinenhaus Essen
Wilhelm Nieswandt-Allee 100
45326 Essen