In a Frame of Reference

(awarded the Critics Prize of “25. Internationalen Choreographenwettbewerbs der Ballett Gesellschaft Hannover“ in April 2011)
Choreography: Fang-Yu Shen (Degree of Master Choreography)
Dance: Raymond  Liew Jin Pin (3. year), Fang-Yu Shen (MA Choreography), Tsai-Wei Tien (4. year), Sergey Zhukov (FTS)
Music: Christoph Zurfluh


Choreography: Lihito Kamiya (1. year Master Choreography)
Dance: Mareike Franz, Kyungwoo Kwon, Julian Stierle (FTS)
Music: John Lurie, Bill Frisell
Thanks to: Rodolpho Leoni, Susanne Linke, Klaus Borkens, Etsuko Akiya

Study # 4: They

Choreography: Darwin Díaz (FTS)
Dance: Ching-Yu Chi, Darwín Diaz, Luiza Braz Batista, Julian Stierle, Sergey Zhukow (FTS)
Music: Alva Noto, Pan Sonic
Assistance: Elisa Marschall

“Emptiness and silence
Stillness in motion
Response is action in
Time .... Space ..."

String Quartett No. 2

Choreography: Rodolpho Leoni
Dance: Wladislav Bondarenko (Degree of Master Interpretation)
Music: Béla Bartók

Partita No. 1

Choreography: Rodolpho Leoni
Dance: Blanca Noguerol Ramirez (Degree of Master Interpretation)
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach


Choreography and Dance: Luiza Braz Batista (FTS)
Music: Umbanda, Caetano Veloso
Thanks to: Rodolpho Leoni, Lutz Förster, Susanne Linke, Derek Williams

ab ovo usque ad mala

Choreography: Tomoko Yamashita (FTS)
Dance: Luiza Braz Batista, Chang-Wen Hsu, Tiran Willemse (FTS), Raymond  Liew Jin Pin (3. year), Wladislav Bondarenko, Blanca Noguerol Ramirez (MA Interpretation)
Music: Duane Eddy, Eddie Hodges, Johny & The Hurricanes


Choreography and Dance: Mareike Franz (FTS)
Music: Georg Friedrich Händel

For the unsaid

Choreography: Fang-Yu Shen (Degree of Master Choreography)
Dance: Ching-Yu Chi, Darwin Díaz, Chang-Wen Hsu, Kyungwoo Kwon, Sergey Zhukov (FTS), Wladislav Bondarenko, Blanca Noguerol Ramirez (MA Interpretation)
Music: David Darling
Thanks to: Susanne Linke, Lutz Förster, Rodolpho Leoni, Klaus Borkens, Gonzalo H. Rodriguez

„I am like the road in the night listening to the footfalls of its memories in silence”
Stray Birds by Rabindranath Tagore


Degree program in dance
Representative: Prof. Lutz Förster

Folkwang Tanzstudio
Artistic Director: Prof. Rodolpho Leoni, Prof. Lutz Förster

Cooperation: Claudia Lüttringhaus

„Young Works“
Artistic supervision: Prof. Rodolpho Leoni und Prof. Susanne Linke
Dance: dancers of the FTS and the Master’s program in dance

Costume: Anne Bentgens
Light: Reinhard Hubert
Sound: Thomas Wacker

Duration: 130 Minutes