Urban Mole

Cargopack 2020 | Wintersemester 2008/09



Urban Mole Messenger service through the canalization - by Philipp Hermes Air pollution and traffic are the most frequently named environmental challenges for mega-cities. In Shanghai alone, the number of cars and trucks is expected to quadruple by 2020.

The future traffic situation is described as uncontrollable. The Urban Mole avoids the street- and air-traffic but uses the underground which is invisible and silent to the citizens. The Urban Mole system integrates itself into existing canalization, which makes it’s installation:

_cheap - instead of building a new one, an old infrastructure becomes upgraded.
_easy - The logistical problems decline, when it can be installed from underground.

The Urban Mole System connects intra-urban logistical stations like Post offices or pack-stations or even private buildings with upgraded sewer connections with each other, so that the last mile is not necessarily delivered via the streets. But it also allows a quick and easy messenger service. Mole-compatible pack-stations might be installed at every third corner, so that one can quickly send a package to a Post-office or any of the many “Molestations” in the city.

The Urban Mole targets the masses. Just as today’s common delivery services, it can be used by private persons or by companies. For large companies it is especially interesting to be able to forward important documents to customers or colleagues cross-town without considering the traffic chaos or waiting for the courier. Smaller concerns have the possibility to extend their range of products because they are able to order required goods quickly and on demand.